Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds out the prospect of genuine human-machine interaction. Machines that become intelligent can understand requests, connect data points, and draw conclusions. They have the ability to reason, observe, and plan. Consider:

Are you going on a business trip tomorrow? Weather reports and travel alerts for your destination city will be automatically provided by your intelligent device. Are you planning a large birthday party? Your intelligent bot will assist you with invitations, reservations, and remind you to pick up the cake. Are you thinking about launching a direct marketing campaign? Your AI assistant can intuitively divide your customers into groups for targeted messaging and higher response rates. We're not talking about robotic butlers here. This isn't a Hollywood production. However, we have reached a new level of cognition in the field of artificial intelligence that has grown to be truly useful in our lives.

AI Services & Automation Solutions

Our Solutions

design and build a cloud-based platform. Our integrated solution enabled IoT-based, real-time data collection, management, and monitoring strategies. We provided a scalable solution using cloud Infrastructure as a Service, with secure data channels between the equipment and the cloud.

Key features included:

  • Data Lake and Big Data platform, enabling storage and reporting of data in large quantities, algorithm-driven actions, business process automation, and data publication through APIs
  • Web portals and Business Intelligence (BI)-based reports for KPIs, alerts, notifications, and performance-related metrics to support internal and external customers
  • Cloud-based automation, leveraging advanced AWS Cloud PaaS services
  • Provisioning for real-time and advanced analytics on equipment data